What is Fauntleroy's Treasures

Welcome to Fauntleroy's Treasures.  I call it treasures from the heart.  What you will find on this site are great treasures I think any woman would enjoy wearing.  Everything I've chosen, are items that hit home right from the heart.  Don't be a stranger, come back and visit anytime for I will be adding wonderful treasures weekly.

Free Shipping on $50 or over

Let me help give your order to you.  Now I am offering Free Shipping for any order of $50 or over.  Save on the chipping and enjoy being you. 

How to understand how sizes listed on this site.

My goal for Fauntleroy's Treasures is to always bring you great products.  To avoid ordering the wrong size, I've created this section to ensure you order the size closer to your body type.   On this website you will see sizes XL, XXL or 2XL, XXX or 3XL, XXXXL or 4XL, XXXXXL or 5XL, etc..

Following is the scale comparable to United States (US) sizes.  X=US10; XL=US12; 2XL=US14; 3XL=US16; 4XL=US18; 5XL=US20; 6XL=US22; 7XL=US24.

Do not be alarm by the large size.  Remember you want to wear dresses that are comparable to your body type.