About Us

Welcome to Fauntleroy's Treasures.  Our goal is to provide treasures from the heart. The items you find on this site are great treasures we think any woman would enjoy wearing.  Everything has been selected by our CEO, Priscilla Fauntleroy.  These items are dear to her heart and hit home to the decor and personality she exude.

Our CEO, is a full figure, plus size woman who strives on looking good and being beautiful both inside and outside. Besides, where does it say a full figure woman is not supposed to look good?  Our CEO believes in maintaining a healthy diet and exercising on a daily basis (at least 5 times a week).  Priscilla doesn’t think just because you are full figure/plus size you should give up on your dreams and how you present yourself.  She feels every woman regardless of size should look so beautiful that heads turn when she walks into the room.

This is one of the reason she started her online store.  To provide full figure/plus size woman with the opportunity to purchase decent clothes and not have to pay an arm and two legs.  Another reason she started her store was because she just cares.  She understands the struggle of being full figure/plus size and dealing with inner thoughts that tears at the essence of who you are and how you feel. You are not alone and our CEO wants you to know that she has been there at one time in her life. 

Let Fauntleroy's Treasures help transform you into the woman you want to be.  First from the inside so it makes a permanent difference on the outside.  You are beautiful and don't forget that.

Enjoy the store and please do not hesitate to provide any feedback.  See you on the other side.